As we have mentioned in previous newsletter articles, your business relies on its Internet connection considerably these days. Many businesses, as part of their normal review processes, decide to change their Internet Service Provider (ISP). This could be for various reasons – better service, faster connection, higher data allowance etc. These are all very valid and often making a change can achieve considerable results. However, the process does need to be managed carefully to avoid interruptions to Internet services, especially email.

Behind the scenes there is a system known as DNS that tells other computers how to “find” you on the Internet. When you change your ISP or often even just upgrade your account with the same ISP your IP addresses will change and unless the DNS is also updated nothing will be able to find you. These DNS changes can take anywhere from 24-72 hours to update across the internet, meaning you may not have any email for some hours or even days if not carefully planned beforehand.

If you are contemplating changing your ISP or upgrading with your existing ISP please let us know as far in advance as possible as we can usually make some preliminary changes to minimise interruptions to your services. We may also be able to assist with your choice of ISP or Internet plan.

An even better option is to allow us to take over the total management of your domain. We already do this for the majority of our clients. There are several benefits to having us manage your domain for you. We manage the renewal process so your domain never expires. We manage the DNS for you so we can easily make changes if/when required. If we aren’t managing your domain/DNS and you would like us to please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.