Is your data safe in the cloud?

Currently being reported in the media is that the ‘cloud’ is fundamentally unsafe, but in many cases this is simply hysteria.

The first thing to remember is that just about every piece of technology you use these days – your phone, desktop, tablet, smart TV etc. –  are all connected to the cloud. This means that you get all the benefits of the cloud, but conversely it also means that anyone on the Internet can connect to these devices.

The protection of these devices comes down to how well the security has been implemented. This security is typically divided into two areas: firstly, that which is provided by the manufacturer and second, that which is provided by the user.

If you are relying on the manufacturer to provide you with secure devices, this typically means you need to keep these devices up to date with security patches. This is relatively easy for things like desktop using Windows Update but what about your Smart TV? How do you ensure that this is kept up to date?

Beyond the manufacturer, most providers require you to create a user account and password to access their services. This means it becomes your responsibility to provide good security around these credentials. This, (as it turns out!) is where the latest exploit was made. Hackers were able to use brute force to guess passwords and then steal information.

Connecting technology together in a single world wide network network like the Internet increases the exposure to vulnerabilities for all devices that are connected. However, at the end of the day you need to take responsibility for the devices and services you use. When you do, your chances of being ‘exposed’ are significantly lower.

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