One of the major things you notice when you travel to places like the US, is the Internet connectivity. Seemingly, every where you go you are able to connect to high speed Internet via wifi for free. This means that even when you are waiting in queues or travelling, you can still be productive.

There are certainly options for the same in Australia but it is neither as seamless nor as cheap as in other countries. Of course density of population plays a role, but the bigger issue is the politics of the day.

The benefit of the democracy that we live in is the fact the people could have a large say in what actually happens. Given the fact that good Internet connectivity is becoming such an important business enabler, there should be far more mobilisation by business to demand ‘first world’ broadband connectivity from our government.

The plans that are currently in place are woefully inadequate and risk Australia becoming a business backwater, struggling simply to make connectivity. Neighbours like India and China with their massive populations will soon be able to leverage that as they gain greater access to the new digital world.

Can we really afford to be left behind? It is now time to speak out about our inadequate national plan for providing Australia the Internet access it deserves. Without that we doom future generations of business owners to either moving off shore or being uncompetitive. That is something that we should not simply stand by and allow to happen.

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