Is a broadband upgrade in order?


Technology moves fast but sometimes it can feel like it isn’t moving anywhere near fast enough for your business. This may be because your broadband link is saturated with what you are trying to pump through it.

We recently posted a blog article that helped you determine what your broadband speed was and explained the limitations of standard ADSL technology. If you missed that article here it is:

One of the components of technology we recommend that clients regularly review is their broadband connection plans. Most find that faster and cheaper options are always available. However, if you are really serious about your broadband (and as a business you should be) then maybe it is time to consider moving from a consumer grade service to something business grade.

In most cases a business grade service will give you greater speed, reliability and flexibility than what is present with consumer grade ADSL services. Our general rule of thumb is that on average you need to be allowing about 0.5 Mbps bandwidth for users when they use the Internet. Thus, even for 10 users inside a business that means you should have a 5Mbps connection speed up to the Internet! Most businesses on consumer grade ADSL services only provide 0.5 Mbps between all users. In the case of our 10 user example that would mean each user, on average, only has a 0.05 Mbps connection to the Internet and it won’t be long before they become very frustrated.

An upgrade to your broadband connection is always going to benefit your business and that is why it should be considered on a regular basis. Correct Solution is able to assist you with any broadband upgrade so give us a call.