The real value of most businesses is the information they retain. This is known as intellectual property or IP. It is basically the unique information that the businesses has created going about its processes.

So where does this IP typically reside? Well for most businesses it resides all over the network and on any device that employees use to access the business network. This haphazard approach to IP security can result in significant information leakage that may result in the loss of competitive advantage.

A good example is when a sales person leaves the organization. Many would want to take these existing contacts and sales information they have cultivated during their tenure. However, doing so may be against the policies of the business, but even with that how can such policies be enforced?

This is where a focus on the control of IP becomes very important. When anyone leaves the business how is their information handled? What happens with their existing accounts and more importantly what happens with information that may reside on their mobile devices.

Technology does exist that allows you to take better control of your IP and ensure that it remains secure in your business. Correct is always here to help you with your IP security needs to ensure that it remains protected. Please contact us today to discuss your needs.