Ever tried to send a huge file via email?  It’s not typically a great result for anyone, right?

The growth in file sizes means we all from time to time have some pretty big files that need to be sent to someone else.  Most email systems (particularly if you have hosted email) have limits on the size of attachments.  A more practical way to send large files via email is to use third party services like YouSendIt.

YouSendIt is an add on you can use with most current versions of Outlook that allows you to upload the large file to YouSendIt and then send a link in an email to that file so they recipient can download it directly from YouSendIt. The best thing is that YouSendIt provides a Lite plan that is totally free and allows you send files of up to 50MB in size.

There are of course additional paid plans that provide for larger file sizes and storage limits, however for many people the Lite plan is certinaly a great start.

You simply need to sign up for an account and then download the addin for your version of Outlook. This will add a number of additional buttons to the Outlook toolbar with which you can attach documents. Even though it is exactly like the traditional method of attaching files to emails, in the background the attachment is uploaded to the YouSendIt servers and the email message is appended to include a link for the recipient to click on to download the file.  In practice, all very transparent.

If you have the need to overcome the email attachment limitations of your email system then YouSendIt is a great option given how well it integrates with Outlook, not to mention the free option that it provides. There also a number of other capabilities the product offers that are well worth checking out.