The easiest way to hack someone’s mobile phone is actually so simple it’s almost stupid.  Let me ask you a question.  Do you have a pin code on your mobile phone to prevent unauthorised access?  Chances are that you are like most people and opt for convenience and don’t have any form of pin code on your phone.  Think for a moment what you have on the phone.  You have your contacts, your calendar, email and things like Facebook.  On the surface of it it’s not that much right?

What happens however if your phone is stolen and you don’t have a passcode on it?  Suddenly the thief has access to your entire personal life.  They have access to your friends, recent calls, Facebook etc.  They could pretend to BE YOU.  How easy would it be for them say via Facebook to cause problems for you by posting things that were totally inaccurate?  How easy would it be for them to send SMS messages to your partner and cause problems for you or worse?

There is the fun side to this too, as I’ve often grabbed my teenage son’s phone before he put pin codes on it and posted silly status updates on his Facebook for the world to see – it didn’t take long for him to realise that security was in fact a serious matter.  He has since put a passcode on it and now that he has I know at least that he has some basic security in place.

To give you some idea how this could play out however in a more adult sense, there’s a recent story of a girl who had her iPhone stolen while she was off swimming in Ibiza.  The thief however is not so smart, and her neglected to turn off the camera upload feature of the phone, so that any photos he’s taken are uploaded to the girls iCloud account.  She still has full access to her iCloud account and based on the photos there, she now knows what the guy looks like and she’s been able to deduce that he lives in Dubai.  Whilst she’s taken the funny side of things thought and written a blog about it here it could be so much more serious than that.

All of this could have been avoided however if she had a pin code on her phone.  It’s actually very simple to put a code on your phone be it a Windows Phone, iPhone or an Android device.  We highly recommend that you do this.