One of most critical components of technology these days is your connection speed to the Internet. The faster it is, the faster your business generally operates.

So, if you feel that your Internet connection is limiting the speed at which you business operates then the first place to start is to test the connection speed. You can do this using a site


Simply navigate to the site, wait for it to load the graphic in the centre of the page (don’t get fooled by some of the banner ads around the page) and press the Begin Test button.


Speedtest will then perform a brief examination of your Internet connection and return a report like that shown above. Your connection to the Internet is composed of two distinct components. Speed from the Internet to you (download speed) and your speed up to the Internet (upload speed).

What you may not appreciate is that with most Internet connections the difference between download and upload speeds is quite marked. This is because most Internet connections are what is known as ADSL, where the ‘A’ stands for asynchronous. The reason that you typically have a much greater speed down from the Internet than up is that most Internet users mainly consume rather than create information. That is why you will typically see download speed 25 times faster than upload speeds.

Now, ADSL technology works great for home usage but with the growth in cloud computing and remote access businesses are finding that low upload speeds are becoming a major bottleneck for the way they now operate. This is why you need to revisit you Internet connection on a regular basis to ensure that it meets your needs.

Correct Solutions can certainly help you find an Internet access plan that meets your needs. We find it amazing at how much cheaper and more reliable clients can obtain Internet connections once they review what plans are currently available, simply because Internet access is constantly becoming cheaper and cheaper.

So, if you feel your Internet connection is not what it used to be chances are that you have increased the amount you use this connection and need to revisit what is available. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised with the speeds that are available and the prices. So contact us here at Correct Solutions for a review of you Internet connection and get back to working at speed within your business.