Holidays are approaching


It may seem far away but the holiday season is approaching fast and there are some IT issues that you should be considering well in advance of this.

Now is a good time to ensure that your backups are operating and that you can actually restore information from them. Correct clients on a gold Network Care Plan (NCP) have this performed automatically for them on a monthly basis as part of the regular maintenance carried out. However, if you are not on a gold NCP then now is the time to ensure that your backups are working as expected. If you have any questions about your backups then don’t hesitate to contact us.

The holidays are also a good time to have important maintenance carried out on your infrastructure that you may have been putting off during the year. With more staff away and generally quieter times, holidays are excellent times to have major work carried out with minimal disruption. It is however important that you make a booking with us to achieve this so we can schedule the resources and ensure that the required preparation is carried out. Planning is the key, and the earlier that commences the better. So if you are looking to do any major upgrades letting us know now is a good move.

During holidays key staff in your business can be away. This may be the standard contacts that Correct have for your business. We therefore recommend that you let us know well ahead of time what the best contacts will be during the holiday period. It is also helpful to let us know if you close down during any time period in case physical access is required to your establishment in case any issues arise that need addressing.

Also keep in mind that many of our suppliers also closed down for a period during the holidays. This means that we are unable to purchase equipment until they reopen. Thus, if you need supplies or consumables before the holidays then it is important that you order these will in advance so we can ensure they are available and can be shipped to you.

Finally, don’t forget that Correct will also have staff away during the holidays and will work with a skeleton staff during the Christmas / New Year period. We’ll still be available to address any issues that may arise but please appreciate we will be balancing which staff are available during the period. It is important that we also give our hard working staff a much deserved break with their families during the period as well.

The secret is that you need to start preparing for the holiday season now but looking at things like backups, contacts and supplies now before the silly season gets into full swing.