Help us help you


We’d like to think that we do a pretty good job here at Correct in resolving people’s technology issues. We’d also like to think we do this quickly but we are always looking to improve the service that we provide and after some discussions with our support team we came up with a short list of suggestions that can help us help you quicker.

1. Provide as much information about the problem as possible initially. The more information that you can provide the fewer options need to be eliminated to get the root cause of the problem and ultimately a solution. There are plenty of tools like screen shots and recordings that can provide a significant amount of information that make it much faster to fix the problem. Have a look at this previous blog on how you can capture this information prior to contacting us.

2. Always log a ticket. It may seem faster to contact your favourite technician directly but Correct is all about a team of people to support you. By logging a support ticket you gain access to all the support resources at Correct’s disposal, including level 2 and 3 technicians and a workflow process that ensures your issue is followed up until resolution. If your issue isn’t in our system we have no record of it and therefore the chances of a suitable outcome for you are much, much lower. Logging a ticket is as easy as sending an email to

3. If you know you are going to be unavailable at certain times once you have logged a ticket please let us know. If we don’t know we may call and have no option but to leave you a message that we can’t resolve the issue until we speak with you. If you can provide us with an indication of when you are not available we will make sure that we won’t call you then. Nobody likes playing phone tag, so let us know when the best time is to contact you and when you may not be available.

4. We understand that that technology issues can be very frustrating but please be aware that Correct provides supports for many users and we need to schedule our technicians based on priority and the level of support that clients pay for. We make every effort to get to issues as soon as possible but that won’t always be first come first served. We need to consider the priority requirements and entitlements of all our customers.

We endeavour to provide the very best service for our customers as possible and to do that we need your help. A little extra information up front can make a huge difference to how quickly your problem can be resolved. If you need more information about how you can help us improve the support process for your business don’t hesitate to contact us here at Correct.