Power BI (Business Intelligence) is the latest application to get an overhaul from Microsoft. PowerBI has traditionally part of Microsoft analysis tools like SQL Server and Excel, but has recently come to the cloud thanks to Office 365.

The latest incarnation is even easier to use and pull data from a variety of data sources. These sources could be something as simple as an Excel spreadsheet to something more high end like an online database or accounting system.

Once you have connected to your data sources you can start to create all sorts of visualisations of your data. Next you can aggregate these together into dashboards to give you a single pane of glass across all your information.

PowerBI also supports the ability to perform ad hoc command line queries. Things like ‘totals in last month’ are as easy as typing in the query to PowerBI. Best of all you can pin these queries to your dashboard so that will be displayed the next time your return.

If you are familiar with the advanced features of Excel such as Pivot Tables, Power Query and the like, you’ll be right at home with PowerBI. In fact, PowerBI will give you an even better ways to visualise your data quickly and easily in a manner that is a breeze to share with others.

Most businesses have more data than they need. What they don’t have are the tools to analyse and report on that data. PowerBI can provide a solution and is as easy to use as Excel. If you are interested in learning more about how PowerBI then contact Correct Solutions on (02) 8831 3200 for a demo.