Nearly everyone today has a mobile device on which they depend. Problem is that it is generally only as good as the remaining amount of battery charge in the device. More and more devices no longer come with a battery which you can change. This means that when your battery dies so will your device. Therefore looking after your mobile battery is now even more important than ever. Here are some tips to help you maximize the life of your battery.

1. Keep it charged

Older battery technology retained a ‘memory’ about charges, this is no longer the case with modern batteries. This means your battery works best when it is kept full charged for longer periods. Thus, when you can, plug in your device and let it charge. It is also smart enough these days to ensure that it doesn’t become over charged or overheat during the charging process. The longer the devices remains charged the longer its life will be.

2. Avoid heat

Like most electrical devices, batteries do not respond well to heat. Where you will see this typically is if you have your device mounted on the dash of your car. This can allow your device to get extremely hot, especially in the Australia summer so try and mount your device away from direct sunlight. Also when you are out and about with your device, don’t leave it lying in direct sunlight or anywhere that get hot because if you do you’ll shorten the life of your battery significantly.

3. Never allow to zero

Not only do modern batteries prefer to be charged they also don’t like being allowed to run down to zero charge. Doing so can make the batteries unstable and difficult to retain charge. Some batteries will even ‘self-destruct’ to prevent these conditions if they fall to zero charge, making them unusable. So ensure when your device gets low that you plug it and charge it.

4. Switch off what you don’t need

If you are not using things like Bluetooth and WiFi then turn them off. Likewise, you’ll find that many applications continue to run in the background consuming battery power. You can use your application manage to shut down these applications down and prevent unwanted battery drain. Another good way to ensure all the background applications are closed is to totally shut your phone off.

With these four basic battery life rules you should hopefully be able to maximize the life of your battery and likewise your device.