From Makeup to The World of IT – Meet Sam Lynas

The latest addition to our Correct Solutions family is Samantha Lynas.

Next time you drop us a line, don’t be confused about which Sam you’re speaking to. The Sam you’ve known for years (Samantha Clarke) is using her administration, systems and procedures expertise to assist our technical team.

Samantha Lynas (who we nicknamed Sammy) is now the go-to-person for Reception and all Administration enquiries. She’s been part of the Correct Solutions team for over a month now.

Sammy has loved her first month at Correct Solutions, in particular the friendly and welcoming personalities of the rest of the team members and she’s greatly enjoyed helping customers with their enquiries.

“The team here has been so welcoming and helpful”

Sammy Was Born On The Other Side Of The World

Sammy was born in the slightly colder city of Glasgow (in Scotland!) where sunny days were few and far between and trench coats were totally in, but she moved to Australia at the age of 7 and has lived here ever since calling the warmth of Sydney, her home.

From Makeup to IT

Sammy has worked in the make-up industry for several years having helped customers purchase the right cosmetics for their skin-tone and providing make-up expertise for events and special occasions.

Sammy says she still loves make-up artistry and enjoys freelancing on weekends, however she has chosen a career in business and IT because it will give her the leverage to open many new doors.

She enjoyed her Diploma of Business and can see the importance of IT for businesses to progress and grow.

“I feel that IT is the future for businesses because there is nothing that you can’t do online or with technology. So to truly take advantage of the opportunities available, businesses should consider adopting the latest technology into their systems and processes”.

Best Piece Of Advice She’s Ever Received

 “May the space between where I am and where I want to be inspire me”.

– Tracee Ellis Ross