Friday 13th Not So Unlucky – CorrecTED Breakfast

On Friday 13th Correct Solutions held our first CorrecTED breakfast event at Microsoft’s office in Macquarie Park. Thankfully, there were no black cats around and there certainly was nothing but good luck and a vibrant atmosphere.
An 8 am start on a Friday does take a bit of effort, but 20 faces joined us bright and early and the atmosphere was thick with uplifting conversation.  We had coffee brewing and breakfast waiting for us (thanks to our partners at Microsoft).
With our bellies full of bacon, eggs and coffee we kicked off the morning with our TED style talks.

A great start to the event

Ivan Gavran from AltusQ

Our first speaker, Ivan Gavran from AltusQ. Ivan is a business coach with years of experience helping businesses assess their current situations and adopt effective strategies and plans for success. At the CorrecTED breakfast he spoke about the different stages of the business growth cycle and how you can identify the ‘walls’ in each stage.

Next we heard from Chris Rowley (Webroot.) Chris discussed the importance of creating a business culture that is aware of security threats.

Chris Rowley from Webroot

He showed us examples of the Australia Post scam and identified some of the signs that people should look out for:
  • Australia post doesn’t send emails with attachments about your postage
  • Be aware of the reply address in instances where the ‘from’ email address looks legitimate.
  • The fact that you didn’t order anything from Australia Post might also be a good sign.
On the business cultural side, he talked about implementing an IT security fire drill where the IT Manager sends out ‘fake virus looking emails’ to check how many people click on them.
Chris also stressed the importance of having a strong data backup system in place that includes offsite backup too.
Our final speaker was Mathew Delprado, A Director of The Loom, a Digital Consultancy in charge of product design and strategy. The Loom is a consultancy that helps companies, start-ups, schools and NFP organisations make digital ’things’.

Matthew Delprado from The Loom

He took us on a road trip to the future of technology looking at how technology will change our lives in the upcoming years. A few laughs were had and lots of new contacts made between people from such diverse business backgrounds. It truly was a memorable morning and we would once again like to thank all those who helped make it a success in particular the presenters and our partner Microsoft.

We can’t wait till our next breakfast which will be held in July.
If you are keen to be invited please join our LinkedIn Group CorrecTED Breakfasts and you’ll get all the information.