Forms coming to Office 365

Accounting ComputersOffice 365 is not only big in the business world but also in the education space. Here, tenants used to have a unique product offering called Microsoft Forms. This allowed a teacher to quickly and easily collect information and answers from students. Well it turns out that businesses have much the same need to collect information and as such Microsoft is now bringing Form to all Office 365 tenants.

Forms is already rolling out in preview for early adopters but will quickly deploy to everyone. You can see whether you already have access by visiting and logging in with your Office 365 credentials. Don’t expect Forms to be super sophisticated or super powerful, that is the domain of Microsoft PowerApps. Forms however is a really simply way of quickly and easily gathering information from people. Think of Forms much like Sway when compared to PowerPoint. It is designed to do a very specific job.

If you want more features and functionality you’ll need to look at PowerApps, which is also already included in your Office 365 subscription today. At the moment you can only deploy PowerApps via a mobile app, however Microsoft recently announced that you’ll soon be able to embed forms you build with PowerApps directly into SharePoint pages.

The great thing about both Forms and PowerApps is you can create web forms without having to write any code. You do all your creation directly in a browser or via apps you download to your desktop. This means you can go from prototype to production quickly and easily. All of this comes free with your Office 365 subscription, so make sure you are taking advantage of everything Office 365 offers your business.

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