One of the major challenges that businesses have today is finding good people. In most situations this means using other methods than posting vacancy offers to job sites.

In many cases businesses are not using the resources they have available to them, their staff. Chances are that existing staff members will have someone in their circle of influence that is considering a change of position or those contacts know someone who may be doing likewise.

Beyond using the network that is your employees, there are social media networks like Linkedin. Here is a great example of how a social network can be utilised for business benefit and should be part of any smart business strategy. Using Linkedin, you can post jobs, filter and find suitable applicants.

Using services like Linkedin are important beyond direct recruitment, they provide an important way of staying in contact with previous employees. Smart thinking is that just because an employee has moved on from a business doesn’t mean that they still can’t be used as a resource, especially when it comes to recruitment.

Extending any recruitment search beyond current employees to also include ex-employees multiplies the reach and greatly improves the chances of locating good people. In many ways it also reduces the amount of time that is required to sort through the vast array of submissions that businesses receive to job postings.

It is more than likely that good people are already employed and when they desire a position change they will be snapped up before their resume hits any job site. This means that a far more proactive approach needs to be taken when it comes to recruitment. It also means that a far more constant process needs to be adopted when recruiting. In essence what it means, is that your business should be recruiting constantly, so that if good people become available you are well placed to take advantage of that.

The best method of being proactive when it comes to recruitment is to utilize the benefits that social media provides, firstly when looking for good people and maintaining contact with those that move on from your business. The best bit about social media tools like Linkedin is that they are free to get started.