If your email service is via Office 365 what you may not realize is that every plan incorporates online email archiving.

Online archiving allows you move some of your emails to an ‘archive’ folder that is always stored in the cloud. In most cases everything in your inbox is copied to your desktop and synced while Outlook is running. Given that Office 365 supports up to 50GB of inbox emails, this means you potentially need to sync that 50GB to every desktop you use.

However, as your inbox grows it makes sense to take advantage of the online archive to limit the amount of information that is synced to each desktop. The online archive simply appears as another folder in your Outlook and you can always drag and drop information from your inbox to your archive.

Your online archive is available to you whether you use Outlook on the desktop or on the web. You can also set up rules so that mail older than a certain date is automatically moved to the online archive, thereby removing the need for you to do it locally. Best of all, you can set a policy across your organisation so that the same archiving rules take place across all users in your organisation.

Exchange Online has 2 plans with the advanced plan allowing you to have an unlimited online archive. All Exchange Online plans are limited to a maximum inbox size of 50GB but the advanced plan allows the online archive to continue to grow. Importantly, with the standard plan the total amount of information shared between the inbox and the online archive can not exceed 50GB. In that case you may elect to have a maximum inbox of 10GB and an online archive of 40GB. That will make syncing emails to desktops much faster and consume less disk space.

If you need help configuring your Exchange Online archiving in Office 365 please do not hesitate to contact us.