Essential tips for IT travelling–Part 1

This post is courtesy of Correct Field Technician Derek Tse


Hello this is your captain speaking. We are about to launch into my technology travel guide. Please put your chair in the upright position. Here are a few tips & tricks while traveling to ensure you are fully prepared to be the ultimate road warrior.

1. Backup your laptop/mobile device data

This is always on top of my list before I travel. You never know when your devices might just crash and all your files/data will be gone.

· Backup to a cloud service – by doing this you can still access data on any device as long as you have internet connection.

· Backup to an external device – USB drives are an excellent way to store your files. Just be careful not to lose it along the way!

· When using your mobile phone as your camera, use Google+ or OneDrive auto backup to safely store copies of your photos

2. Ensure adequate power for your devices

Always ensure your devices are fully charged before you leave as your travel plans may be delayed or changed at the last minute

· A handy device to have with you is a portable external battery – great way to ensure all your devices run longer on those long haul flights

· Major airports will usually have a charging station near each boarding gate – use these sites to your advantage.

· Always pack a power board and travel adapter (for overseas travel), as there are never enough power points to plug in all your devices in a hotel room.

3. Headphones

If music or sound is a must on your trip, a pair of headphones will be your best friend. You have a choice of either an in-ear or over the head type, with each having its own pros and cons.

· In-ear will give you the best isolation against a noisy environment and is easier to pack but can give you a sore ear from prolonged use and will take some time to find the right fit with the earpieces.

· Overhead or around the head are great for comfort for extended amount of time but not good for isolation and not friendly with glasses. Around the head ones can be problematic if you want to listen and sleep at the same time.

· Pick up an airplane adapter for your favourite headphones for better audio and comfort than the airline units.

Stay tuned for part 2…