Email newsletters

Is part of your marketing strategy to blast out email newsletters? If so how are you doing this? Hopefully you are not using your own inbox but a dedicated emailing service such as MailChimp.

A while back we detailed how this was a far smarter way of sending bulk emails. You can review that article here:

What you may not also realise about these services is the fact that they provider some very comprehensive analytics of the results from your campaigns. Such statistics are never fool proof but they give a good indication on which you can base decisions.

Reviewing the campaign metrics is important because you need to determine whether your strategy and tactics are working. If they aren’t, then you need to adjust and re-test. Many mailing tools actually allow you to perform what is known as ‘split testing’. This allows you to send a similar message to two audiences and see what impact small changes makes. This allows you then to implement that change, based on the evidence to future campaigns.

The other benefit these tools provide is the ability to automate this type of marketing. The major secret of success for this type of marketing is consistency. You need to contact you list on a regular predictable basis. Being erratic will not produce results generally.

Most of these email newsletter services are either free for a limited set of functionality or only a few dollars a month. This means that there really shouldn’t be a reason why your business is not using tool like this. Having them as a web service means that they can be accesses anywhere and by anyone. Thus, you can easily outsource this process if desired.

Part of any successful marketing effort will be to engage your prospects by email. It shouldn’t be the only method that you utilise but it should be something that you do use and do so regularly. However, always remember that whatever you elect to send your prospects has to provide value for them to read it. Don’t just talk about yourself, think about what you can provide the recipient to help them get their job done. That will win you fans, referrals and more business.