The power that we command on our desktops and devices today is way beyond what we had available a few years ago. However, the question remains whether that has in fact made us more productive? There is a line of thinking that says that although we have access to vast amounts of technology, very few of us actually take advantage of it in any meaningful way.

The greatest reason as to why we don’t make more effective use of technology, is that we seem to have less and less time available to us. If we now have all this technology why is that so? One would think that more technology means more time. The issue is that technology can provide massive savings but it has to be implemented effectively, and to do that we need to know how to use it.

The greatest challenge with technology for most people is simply overcoming that initial knowledge barrier, that is, answering ‘How do I get started using this?’. Although there are probably an infinite number of sources of where we can locate this information (YouTube probably being the best), we really want someone to hold our hand and take us to a point where we are comfortable using the technology.

This need to understand also translates over into also being effective in a business. You can give people all the latest tools but if they fail to fully utilise them, the return on investment is poor. No business wants this – they want happy and effective employees.

To achieve this, whether personally or in business, education is key. Nothing beats formal hands on training. It is also important to recognise that this training has be an ongoing process, to re-inforce lessons learnt. This is why ongoing technology education should be seen as an investment in creating a productive workforce. In many cases you’ll probably find that a business that invests in employee education retains staff for longer, as people recognise the benefits that are not found elsewhere.

Providing staff education can be as easy as pointing to good free online resources, providing access to paid web based training, conducting peer training or trainer lead sessions. Whatever your training need, Correct Solutions can assist. Just contact us on 02 8831 8200 to speak with someone who can help you develop a program to lift the productivity of your business.