Exchange Defender

Hi and welcome to the
Correct Solutions’ ExchangeDefender landing page!

Have you arrived here by clicking on the Correct Solutions’ ExchangeDefender link that resides at the bottom of an email that was sent to you by one of our clients?

If you are after information about the company that sent you the email or you are trying to contact them, then unfortunately you have come to the wrong place.

Our apologies, but you are best to contact the person that sent you the email…

The good news is, by clicking on this link you could have just saved yourself a heap of time every week!

Correct Solutions uses Exchange Defender to sanitise our clients’ email from Spam, Viruses and other internet nasties before it arrives at their email inboxes. By cleansing/sanitising the email before it arrives at our clients inbox it drastically reduces, if not stops the time our clients’ staff need to spend cleaning out rubbish emails, so they can use that time to work on the important ones.

How much time do you and your fellow staff spend looking at spam emails to make sure they are not legitimate emails each day, that time over the year adds cost to the bottom line! By removing the junk before it gets to you, it benefits you by:

  • Reducing load on your servers and internet connections
  • Emails not only get checked for Spam but for Virus, Malware, Trojans and Spyware too
  • Saves people time by them not receiving spam and taking time from their day
  • Daily digest of all stopped mail (can be twice daily)
  • System tray tool to alert you of stoped mail if “you just have to know” when an email gets blocked.
  • Can be administered by the client or in-house IT
  • Add disclaimers to all outgoing emails from your organisation

Other Features

  • Mail Archiving between 1 and 7 years available
  • 7 days Mail Queuing if your mail server or internet connection goes down, prevent your customers and suppliers from receiving bounced email from you
  • Both individual and company-wide white lists (email addressed that won’t be blocked)
  • Get access to emails and send new emails from your web browser if your server is unavailable (means you can keep working if your server is out of service)
  • Preventing your server from being blacklisted as all outbound emails are checked for spam and virus too
  • Global continuity, with servers in Australia, Europe and the USA
  • Easy Reporting on spam blocked verse mail delivered for the domain and user

Our pricing model is quite simple, it is based on per mailbox per month.  Public folders and distribution groups are Free!!!

You are probably spending about 10 times the amount it would cost to protect your inbox in lost productivity – we are sure some companies could see over 100 times Return on Investment each and every month!

So give us a call (02 8831 8200), send us an email, or even drop in and see us – let us fix your spam problems and give you back that extra time each week.