One of the major industries that is undergoing a digital revolution is that of publishing, especially when it comes to books. This change has been pioneered by Amazon who is probably the largest provider of physical and digital books.

The other major change has been the explosion in the ability to self-publish. This means that it is now almost trivial to create a document and then have it published as an eBook available anywhere in the world. This is a huge opportunity for anyone who has the desire to get their work out to the public at large.

Amazon is not the only service that offers this. Places such as Lulu and eJunkie make it really simple to get started with publishing, and taking payments from anyone in the world.

Beyond publishing works, simply replacing physical books with eBooks make a whole lot of sense. Firstly, it reduces the amount of space consumed on a bookshelf, secondly being digital, eBooks are much easier to search, highlight and transfer between devices.

Many book lovers shun eBooks because they believe they won’t get the same experience when it comes to reading physical books. However, most are very pleasantly surprised at the experience reading eBooks, especially on a dedicated reading devices like a Kindle, provides.

The growth of eBooks continues unabated to the point now where more eBooks are sold then normal books. If you are not yet on eBooks go a buy a reading device, like a Kindle and get into them.