So your business is full of technology. Everyone spends most of their day behind a screen doing something but are they being as effective as they could be? Are there things that they could be doing differently that could result in major time and cost savings for you business?

Most businesses provide their employees with an extensive range of powerful technology tools but then they simply leave the employees to work out how to use these themselves. Businesses expect employees to know how to use everything at their disposal effectively but the reality is that most are using less than 10% of the features. That leaves a huge amount of under utilized potential.

As a business what are you doing to help your employees better use the technology they have at hand? Of course different people will be at different levels when it comes to using technology but there are simple and effective ways that a greater level of knowledge can be gained by all.

– The first option is to encourage employees to share their knowledge with others. Implementing a wiki or an Intranet based on something like SharePoint is a great way to share knowledge. Doing so encourages users to not only document what they have found but also use that as a resource to search for information on how to do things better.

– Face to face training is probably the most effective method of transferring knowledge. Such training could be done totally internally or could utilize the services of an external trainer such as those at Correct. Training session don’t necessarily need to be all day sessions, just an hour or two on a regular basis can work wonders.

– Web based training provides a library of training on a range of topics that can be completed at the convenience of the student. Best of all they can complete this training no matter where they are. Most training web sites have the ability to track progress and provide achievements. There are plenty of free and paid alternatives available covering a broad range or technology and business topics.

Knowledge is power and the more knowledge your employees have the more confident they are with the technology they use and the more productive they will be. To remain competitive in today’s business environment you need to have the most effective workforce you can and secret to achieving this is arming people with knowledge of the tools they are using daily.