Now it is very important that you keep you hands away from your mobile when you are driving because if you don’t you’ll get fined or worse it may lead to an accident resulting from distraction. So don’t do it! However, that said, there are certainly a number of handy apps you can use to make your driving experience much more pleasant.

Live Traffic

There are range of handy of apps here that can help when it comes to traffic. The desktop version in a browser allows to get an overall view of where issues lie. You can also get a dedicated LiveTraffic apps for all your devices so you can have that information on the run. There is also a dedicated LiveTraffic Twitter account that you can follow that will provide updates.

Park Patrol

With this app you can not only remember where you parked your car but also receive alerts if a traffic officer is in the vicinity. You could thus return to your car and shift it and avoid a ticket.

Car Sales

If you ever have the need to buy or sell a car let technology take all the hard work out  You can run numerous searches as well as save these and receive email alerts when additional matches are found.


This app keeps track of the various enforcement locations and warns you when you approach. This is handy for example for variable time speed locations like school zones. It also has a crowd sourced ability to report on mobile traffic enforcement locations. If you want to avoid a fine, you should have this app on your phone.


Apart from the ubiquitous Google option there is also the crowd source options like Waze (which is also owned by Google now).

The advantage of crowd sourced maps is that they can be more up to date that what is offered by the traditional Google Maps. They will also give you turn by turn navigation to your location.


Most fuel providers have their own app like that from Shell:

This will tell you where you favourite fuel provided is located relative to your current location. if you have a preference when it comes to the fuel you use then check out their app.

So check out your mobile devices store and see what apps could help you along when you are motoring.

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