The first thing that most people do when they log in to their desktop machines is open Outlook. What you may not realise is that there is a handy trick that can make working with Outlook easier.

You may not be aware that you can drag emails not only onto other folders but also onto tasks and the calendar. Why would you do this? Well say that you have been emailing someone back and forth about a topic and then decide that a meeting would be a faster method of resolving this, rather than copying and pasting all the information into a new appointment you can simply drag that email to the calendar icon and it will automatically create a new appointment with the body of the email in the appointment.

Likewise, you can drag and drop an email onto an Outlook task and all the information in the body of the email will be copied to the task.

You’d be surprised at what else Outlook support when it comes to dragging and dropping. So next time you need to create a task or an appointment from an email, try simply dragging and dropping.

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