In today’s digital environment you are nothing if you don’t have a web site. That is simply because creating a web site is so easy and taken for granted these days. Problem is that many websites soon start to show their age and can actually end up being a disincentive for prospects when they are considering options. This is why it is important that part of your overall business review include revisiting your website.

The first place to start is to ensure that all the information contained in the web site is still current. Many times simple things such as contact details and phone numbers are different and you never want prospects not being able to get in touch with you. Next, have a look at the branding of the site, does it still match the other branding throughout your business? Are the colours, images, fonts, etc. still the same as what you use elsewhere?

A web site is composed of a number of documents (formatted in HTML) that contain not only information about what to display on the  page, they also contain what is known as metadata which helps search engines categorize (SEO) and rank the pages. It is therefore also very important to ensure that this metadata is correct and up to date. You’ll be surprises at how many web sites don’t actually include this important metadata.

The recent explosion of social media options now means that your business needs to include information about the social media channels you use. In some cases it may also be worthwhile to embed these feeds directly into your site. Coupled with this, you’ll probably notice how many websites are using video right on their front page. Why? Video allows you to get your message across very quickly because many casual visitors do not like hunting for and reading information.

If you are still unconvinced then have a look at what your competitors web sites look like. If they are all very slick and modern then the chances are you are falling behind and losing business. Conversely, if they look as dated as yours then there is probably angreat opportunity for you to stand out from the pack.

Whether you need to tweak your website or do a complete overall, let us help you with all the options. Contact us for more information on how we can help make your website more effective.