Today’s technology landscape is dominated by a proliferation of mobile devices – phones, tablets and so on. Each of these devices is becoming more powerful with every generation, and the gap between generations continues to shrink. With that trend in mind the question worth considering is whether you still need a traditional ‘pizza box’ style desktop PC?

Many people have a need to have a machine wherever they are, and more people are spending a significant amount of their work day away from the traditional office. As more and more infrastructure moves from the individual business to the cloud, along with the growing ubiquity of Internet access, there are fewer reasons why employees actually need to be shackled to the office.

Traditional box PC’s used to have significant performance advantages over other form factors but that is no longer the situation, and in many cases modern mobile devices perform better, use far less power and are quieter. Most mobile devices also natively take advantage of the latest software improvements such as touch.

So is there still a place for traditional desktops? Yes, but mainly for workers who are typically in the office. However, with the changing demographics, that number is shrinking constantly. In the search for greater productivity more and more organisations are moving their environment to mobile devices and allowing their workers to become unshackled from the cubical. This creates happier workers who enjoy greater freedom and are not only more productive but more loyal to that business because of the freedoms they enjoy.

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