Do you really need that?

The cause of many issues, especially with Outlook, is what is known as ‘add-ins’. These are connections to other software applications on your desktop. One of the worst offenders is Apple iTunes.

These sorts of issues raise the wider question of whether you really need certain applications installed on your desktop. In the case of iTunes you may not realize that Windows comes with a number of inbuilt media players that can play music and videos. It therefore really provides no benefit to also load iTunes on a desktop just to play music, especially in light of the additional issues it can cause that may prevent you from actually getting your job done.

Beyond iTunes we see so many pieces of ‘non-essential’ business software cluttering up workstation and causing problems. There is a lot to be said for keeping your work machines as ‘lean and mean’ as possible. If you really need to use an application the best option maybe to load it your mobile device so you can access it but keep it independent of what you do on your work machine.

When it comes to software less is more, so you should uninstall any software that really isn’t essential on your desktop. Not only will this reduce the chances of trouble developing but it will also generally allow your desktop to run faster. Software is designed, developed and coded by human beings and as such is never perfect, especially when you start loading multiple products onto a single machine.

It would be nice if it all did ‘work’ as expected but given the complexity of modern software the chances of issues arising are much greater. Play it safe and ensure your system runs as lean as possible. This means you’ll have less issues and if you do then they will be easier to locate and resolve.