Do you need Visio?

Visio is an Office application that allows you to easily create layout diagrams such as what you may use for a network or perhaps even a floor plan. Visio contains an extensive library of symbols to represent the most common items you may need to display, this is what makes it something that is very handy for many businesses.

Although Visio is an Office software application it is normally purchased as a standalone application. It can also be purchased via subscription using Office 365. The subscription option provides you the benefit of always having the latest version as well being entitled to future upgrades.

Another handy feature of Visio is that you can ‘connect’ many items together. As your diagram grows and changes you may need to relocate some items, however if the items are connected then these connections remain and automatically adjust to the new location of the points to which they are connected. This ability to automatically adjust diagram elements is one of the major benefits of using Visio over other products.

Like most other Microsoft desktop Office applications there is far more to Visio than meets the eye. Some versions allow you to create a process flow and then import that into SharePoint so that it creates a SharePoint workflow automatically without the need to write lots of complex code.

You can learn more about Visio at:

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