IT related emergencies can strike at any time and in many forms – a malware attack, a natural disaster or an old fashioned system crash. Whatever the case, the minute the failure happens, your business starts losing money. Without considering the cost of permanently lost data, the fact that the system is unusable by your employees during the downtime will cost you dearly.

On average, the recovery time for a total server failure is 2 days, which equates to a conservative estimate of 16 working hours of down time. Without factoring in the cost of incidentals and other surprise expenses, it’s clear that a server failure could end up costing your business a great deal.

Here’s a simple calculation tool to do the math:

How many users do you have?

___ x 16 hours =  ___ lost productivity hours

What is the average salary among your employees?

___ per hour x ___ lost productivity hours = $ ___

Charge per hour for on-site emergency repair?

___ per hour x 16 hours = $ ___

Total Cost of Downtime:

Cost to repair hours + employee downtime = $ ___


This is why we believe it is better to proactively prepare with a disaster recovery solution. RedeemDR and ShadowProtect are technologies that can ensure the least amount of downtime by securing your data with the most reliable off site back-ups available. All your valuable data will be easily accessible from a secure, off site location, and in most cases we can reduce downtime considerably with Replicated Data Recovery.

Correct also runs Business Continuity Planning sessions to deep dive into what is really important to your business and provide a detailed Business Continuity plan that is there to be followed step by step in the event of a disaster.

If you would like more information about how to protect your business, contact Correct on 02 8831 8200 for more information.


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