Do you blog?


Well we know you at least read blogs now don’t we? However, when it comes to your business do you encourage others to blog? Do you have a platform that makes it easy for them to blog?

Why would you want to encourage your business to blog? At the end of each day the value of most businesses decreases markedly only to return to original levels each morning as work commences. Why does this happen? It happens because your most valuable assets, your staff, go home and take all the knowledge about your business home in their heads. You hope that they return the following business day and bring all that knowledge back into the business.

But what happens when a key staff member leaves? Typically, they take a huge amount of information, experience and skill with them. They may have been able to pass some of this on to other people but generally a significant amount is lost. This means the business has to ‘relearn’ this knowledge which from any angle you look at is simply inefficient.

A much better approach would be to encourage all staff to constantly document the knowledge they gain every day. That way, the knowledge and value stays within the business even when the employee is no longer there. And the best way to achieve this knowledge capture is by promoting blogging.

Many people are hesitant to blog believing they aren’t capable but that is simply nonsense. As management guru Seth Godin notes, the mere fact of taking the time to get your thoughts on paper improves how they are processed in your brain. If you keep at it you will get better and that is a benefit in many areas personally and professionally.

What can you blog about in business? Plenty. What about that really tough problem you solved? What about an interesting discussion you had with a colleague about what is happening in your industry? What about how the changing political landscape affects your business? I think you get the picture.

Long or short, serious or silly, the mere fact of getting it down somewhere adds so much more value to the organization. You never know, you may learn some things about your business that would have remained trapped inside the mind of your staff and that has got to be good for business.