If you are a new client, it is really important to us that you experience a smooth transition to our IT Services.  It is in both our best interests and yours as a client to ensure that we are given the opportunity to discover your network; its quirks and idiosyncrasies, its strengths and weaknesses.

The first step in our approach to bringing a new client on-board is to conduct a Network Discovery Site Audit.

During this Network Discovery and planning phase, we may come to the mutual conclusion that your systems are running in an optimum state and that no changes are necessary.

Chances are though that you engaged with Correct to resolve a pain point or upgrade aging infrastructure.  It may be that you’ve outgrown your existing IT support or you’re planning to outsource your IT.  Whatever the reason, what you want is a change and improvements in your current IT environment.

Our Audit process is all about discovering what you want and need to change.  The next phase of on-boarding may constitute some sort of IT project, whereby we coordinate the planning and execution of moderate to major network modifications.

The object of this approach is to transform your IT environment into a stable, optimised platform that can support and scale with your business needs.  Once any changes or remedial activities have kicked off, the final phase of on-boarding can commence.

Correct Solutions can effectively enact true change in the business through stabilisation and optimisation of the IT systems that support it, by:

  • Making any changes or modifications that suit the business requirements and address any recommended remedial activities as per the Audit
  • Selecting the appropriate level of Network Care
  • Initiating 24 x 7 monitoring and proactive maintenance for critical services
  • Ensuring patch compliance and security in line with best practices
  • Establishing Quarterly Business Reviews* to discuss your ongoing requirements



*dependent on service level agreement.