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What Does Your Practice's Disaster Recovery Plan Look Like?

Your number one priority is providing the best possible care to your patients. It's why you chose to go into a medical field, and why you opened your practice. You're passionate about the work you do, and your patients trust you with their well being.

A big part of your ability to live up to the expectations of your patients, and meet the standards set by your field's governing bodies, is your technology. You rely on your IT infrastructure for everything from managing your appointment calendar and keeping track of supplies, to accessing and updating patient charts.

If any one part of your infrastructure malfunctions or fails, your entire practice can quickly be thrown into chaos. A bad day is when your internet goes down, or the printer dies. But when a server crashes, or your network comes down with a malware infection? That's not a bad day. That's a disaster.

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Without a thorough and reliable Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan in place, a crisis situation can not only be a massive inconvenience, it can mark the end of your practice. If you were to suddenly lose access to all of your patent records and important applications, and had no way of restoring them, and restoring them quickly, the damage may be more than you can overcome.

Correct Solutions offers a wide range of completely managed IT support services to help protect your practice from a disaster scenario. By routinely backing up all of your data to a secure offsite data centre and leveraging cloud technology, the Correct Solutions team can ensure that your vital files, applications, and settings can be restored, no matter what the situation.

Not sure what kind of shape your network is in at the moment, or what changes need to me made to protect your practice from an IT disaster? Fill out our quick form to request a Risk Analysis from Correct Solutions. We can take a look at your IT infrastructure, and let you know where you stand.

When it comes to protecting your important data, you can't risk leaving anything to chance. When things go wrong, they go wrong fast. If you're not already prepared to handle an IT crisis before one strikes, the resulting downtime, loss of profits, and damage to your reputation might be more than you can recover from.

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