There are a couple of interesting things going on in the device world that caught my attention of late.

Firstly, many people don’t realize what a money spinner Android is for Microsoft. Yes, you heard me right, I said Android. Why? Because Microsoft holds a number of key technology patents that it receives a royalty payment on for every Android device that ships. With the every growing number of Android handsets and tablets shipped this adds up to over $3.4 billion! Here is the story:

Interestingly, Microsoft makes more money from a competing mobile operating system than it does from its own Windows Mobile platform.

Speaking of Android, a new Google Nexus 5 phone is due for release very shortly. A recent $100 drop in the price of Nexus 4 phones provides an indication that Google is clearing stock ready for a new device. For more information see this story:

The advantage of a Nexus device is that it is pure Google experience. This means it is delivered without the ‘bloat-ware’ that many other provides add to their handsets in an attempt to differentiate themselves in a crowded market place. This makes the device very popular and one that generally perform better than equivalent offerings.

Amazon has also released a new version of its Fire device known as the Kindle HDX. What make this device somewhat unique is that fact that Amazon claims that it is ‘enterprise ready’. You’ll find the story here:

If there is any company that complete with Microsoft and Google in the cloud space it is Amazon. Even though most people associate Amazon with its consumer service it is important not to overlook things like Amazon Web Services that enterprises can readily take advantage of. Is this new Kindle an indication that amazon is now targeting more that just home users?

So, always some interesting things going on in the fast moving device market. Keep your eyes peeled because I’m sure there are even more to come.