cyberattackUsually when we hear the term “cyber-attack”, we think of the typical malware or virus outbreaks, or of criminals stealing identities or hacking into systems to disrupt corporate activity.

A very interesting article was published this month via Vanity Fair.  It details the hidden war going on in cyberspace, between countries at war in the “real world” taking to the cyber stage to carry out attacks on networks in reportedly crude but effective ways.

Cyberspace is now a battlespace. But it’s a battlespace you cannot see, and whose engagements are rarely deduced or described publicly until long after the fact, like events in distant galaxies. Knowledge of cyber-warfare is intensely restricted: almost all information about these events becomes classified as soon as it is discovered.

Cyber threats are real; while you may not be a global economic force in an unseen battle of mouse clicks with your adversaries, from a business perspective it’s imperative that there is an awareness of the dangers and contingency plans in place for eventualities.

Ensuring you have a secure firewall, good anti-virus protection, a belt and braces backup strategy and a solid Disaster Recovery Plan are our top tips for securing your data in a volatile digital world.  If you’d like to discuss any aspects of your data security, call us on 02 8831 8200.