Having your computer infected by a virus is never a fun process and recovering from the infection can be an expensive proposition. Criminals are getting smarter in the methods they use to infiltrate an organisation. The latest incarnation was delivered by what appeared to be an electricity bill enticing readers to click on a link to receive a discount on their payment. Unfortunately, that link led to a method of installing malware on the local desktop.

Once malware is on a system, it has the same access to the local machine and network as the user who is currently logged in. This is exactly what Cryptolocker does  – it navigates all the locations it has access to and encrypts the files that it finds.Once a file is encrypted it cannot be opened and the only way to recover the information in the file is to restore it from backup. As you can appreciate, the more files that become infected the more that have to be restored. What you may not appreciate is that if random files are encrypted, restoring just the damaged files can take much longer than simply restoring them in bulk.

Firstly, you have the identification and mitigation process that needs to be performed to prevent any outbreak from spreading. In many cases, these processes are not covered under existing maintenance agreements. Next you have the process of restoring the information that needs to be restored without impacting information that remains unaffected. Finally, during all this time you will also have staff idle while they wait for their information to be recovered.

The bigger the organisation, the more employees, the larger the amount of data the greater the financial impact as you can appreciate. So how do you mitigate these? The most effective method is via end user training. Helping people understand and identify risks and then take the correct action is going to save your business a lot of potential heartache.

Correct Solutions are here to help and it is always best to get us involved sooner rather than later, even if it proves to be a false alarm. Don’t be afraid to contact us if you find something suspicious on your system. We can also help you with end user training and understanding the threats that are involved. Helping protect your users in your offices will also benefit them when they go home and use their personal machines, so it is a worthwhile investment all round.