The Cryptolocker extortion virus continues to morph and make its way into people’s inboxes. Its main vector is to arrive as a very official looking email from people like Australia Post. It then encourages the recipient to click on a link which then takes them to a web site like that shown above. Although this web site looks legitimate, it is simply a very good copy of the source.

You are then encouraged to click on links, download files and basically do things that will allow the Crypolocker virus to download and run on your machine. Once the Cryptolocker virus begins execution on your machine it will start encrypting every file that it can locate. The “only” way to unencrypt these files is to pay the ransom demanded by the hackers.

However, the best solution / option is to restore from a good backup – and you have one of those right?

It is likely that we’ll continue to see Cryptolocker and similar variants for a long time to come. Why? Because it has been very effective in providing hackers with a payday. Even though you may have virus protection you are urged to remain vigilant and let all users know in your business to beware of such scams. A few words of caution may save you many hours of downtime.