Cryptolocker is still out there


A few months ago we posted an article:

How can I stop getting infected by the Cryptolocker virus?

Unfortunately, the Cryptolocker virus and its many mutations are still out there infected and encrypting systems.

The major way that the virus enters your system is normally via an email attachment. When opened the virus launches in the background and commences encrypting just about every file it can gets its hands on, both locally and on any connected network drives. Once encrypted you’ll receive a message requiring you to pay a fee to get the key to unlock the files. The major problem is that this offer to unlock your files is only valid for a short period of time.

The easiest way to therefore prevent infection is firstly not to open unrecognized emails and especially unexpected attachments. Security scanning and protection can only do so much. If a user elects to allow a program on their machine then typically that program has full access to the system. Thus, good security is always trumped by bad choices.

Therefore the best protection you can provide your system is educated and aware users. Taking the the time to explain to everyone what is happening, what to be on guard for and what not to do goes a long way to solving this problem and future problems. Empower your users by giving them the information they need to help protect your systems. In many cases, they’ll thank for this as it has implications for systems they use at home.

Technology is not a panacea for security challenges. At the end of the day the most powerful weapon a business has in protecting their information is the knowledge of the people that use those systems day in and day out. Thus, help them keep your information safe.