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Often when I’m in meetings it’s just easier to scribble notes on some pen and paper, but after the meeting I’m left with a bunch of notes that need to be re-typed and it’s such a pain.

After some time, I realised that it’ll be a better option for me to use OneNote to keep my to-dos and action items.

Here’s how:


Login to your Office 365 portal and navigate to OneDrive.



Select the New link just below the Documents heading. From the list that appears select OneNote notebook.



Give your new notebook a name. Since I am replacing my paper notebook here I call mine ‘Daybook’. You can of course have as many separate OneNote notebooks as you want and I do for all sorts of things.

image 3

Press OK to continue.

image 4

This will open a web version of the notebook.

Now I will assume you already have the OneNote desktop app installed, most people do and they don’t know it and if they don’t it is a free download anyway.

In the centre of the page at the top you will find the text Open in OneNote, select this.


image 6

There is plenty of ways to work with OneNote but I use it to create a replacement for a paper diary.

image 7

We’ll cover this in more detail during the webinar and walk through it so you know exactly how you can use it to help you organise your tasks and information.

With my Daybook notebook synced across all my device I can now attend a meeting with nothing more than my phone and know that everything I record will be available on my desktop when I return.

And the best part for you? I’ll pretty much bet you already have OneNote on your desktop and didn’t even realise it. So what’s stopping you having a organised life? It certainly isn’t OneNote.

Join me and get more done every day thanks to OneNote