One of the greatest unused productivity tools that most people already have on their desktop is Microsoft OneNote.

OneNote is in essence a digital notebook that allows you to store all sorts of material quickly and easily. Many people have paper based notebooks that they use, however, given the fact that OneNote is available on every device means that it is more than a suitable replacement.

The big benefits of using OneNote are that the information is backed up and sync’ed across multiple devices, and it is fully indexed, making retrieval of information trivial.

A good way to configure OneNote to replace the traditional paper based notebook is to set up a OneNote ‘Day Book’ notebook.

To do this open OneNote on the desktop and select File in the top left corner.

If you want your OneNote to be available on multiple devices you are going to need to store it somewhere on ‘the cloud’. The easiest place to locate these is on your OneDrive consumer storage. If you don’t already have a suitable cloud storage account set up you will need to do that before hand.

Select where you wish to save this OneNote notebook and give it a suitable name, something like ‘Day Book’ works well.

Once the notebook has been created you will see the standard OneNote arrangement, with sections across the top of the page. Double click an existing tab and rename it to a month of the year. Repeat the process by adding new sections and naming one for each month of the year.

You can then navigate to the current month and on the right hand side you can create and name pages for each day in that month, as shown above.

If you leave this notebook running in the background you can dump all sorts of information directly in there throughout the day. If the notebook is stored in the cloud it will automatically sync to all your devices meaning that even when you are away from your desk you can access and update your information. Very handy indeed.

If you ever need to find something just type it into the search box in the top right corner of the notebook – so much easier than trying to find something with the traditional paper based notebook isn’t it?

You can also add pages to your notebook for monthly goals. That’s the great thing about OneNote, you can quickly customise it to suit your individual needs.

Give it a try and see how more productive you can be with OneNote. I’d be very surprised if you don’t see major improvements.