On Tuesday 1st November the Correct Solutions team came together to watch the race that stops the nation, the Melbourne Cup!

Each year, we have a bake-off. And unlike past years, there were 7 contestants instead of the usual 2!

In addition to this, we held a best dressed competition which I was determined to win this year – One self-inflating jockey costume later and I was ready to put my best hoof forward!

Sydney IT Professional

As we neared lunch time, the sweeps got drawn and our brilliant Admin team got a mouth-watering spread all set to go. Everything from salads to pastries, cold meats, and sausage rolls were followed by an amazing chocolate brownie cheesecake dessert and other assorted cakes! With bellies full, costumes on, and sweeps in hand there was only one thing left to do!

At 3pm they were off, and within a few short minutes it was all over!

Sadly, I didn’t win any of the sweeps. However there were a number of deserving winners, and given that there was a significantly greater involvement from staff than ever before, it was decided that everyone who baked, cooked, or got dressed up would get a prize!

I would personally like to thank everyone who participated. It really was a fantastic team effort and I look forward to seeing what we can do to raise the bar even higher for next year.