Over the past 12 months Correct have been making a concerted effort to work on the culture of our organisation and becoming clearer as to why we do what we do and by extension how we do what we do. We reviewed and adjusted our values early on in this process to better reflect the type of organisation we were attempting to be and indeed the type of people we wanted working for us.

At the Correct Solutions recent Christmas party hosted by the fantastic folks at The Crooked Tailor we presented awards to the employees we felt best upheld and lived the Values of Correct Solutions.

Lin Xiang has been with Correct for over 8 years and through that time has come from a Field Technician servicing clients on the road to being Team Leader of our Project Team and an integral part of our Solution Architecture process. Lin is always on the lookout for ways we can improve our processes and provide better solutions to our customers and for that reason he was awarded the 2016 Innovation Award.

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2016’s Performing Award was presented to Gareth Smith, one of our Level 2 Technicians for the fact that he is constantly leading the charge when it comes to resolving our customer issues in a timely manner. With an attention to detail that ensures the issues do not re-occur he was an ideal candidate for the award.

We believe that a core part of personal and professional development is Reflection, both from taking time outside the normal day to day to review what has been done but also collecting feedback from others. While Tracey Issa, our Management Accountant largely sits behind the scenes, there have been a number of instances during 2016 where Tracey has had to reflect on her approach and adjust accordingly and for this and her handling of these situations she earnt herself the 2016 Reflection Award.

It is not often that a technology company considers Risking to be a core value, in fact part of our remit is to actively mitigate risk however, in order to truly grow one must take risks. By venturing outside our comfort zone we not only better ourselves we also impact those around us. Alicia Bolton joined Correct earlier this year and is by nature a fairly risk averse person. Since joining Correct we have seen her take on challenge after challenge, including moving teams to take on a larger combined role as Sales and Admin Assistant and for this we felt she was the perfect recipient of the 2016 Risking Award.

The final Core Value of Correct Solutions is Taking Ownership. This value aims to ensure that mistakes made are acknowledged, lessons are learned and we share that knowledge with the people around us. We could think of no better person to receive the 2016 Taking Ownership Award than Tim Palmer, one of our Level 3 Technicians. Tim joined Correct a little over 6 months ago and already has proven that he is reliable in challenging situations, comfortably taking the lead while proactively involving others to ensure issues are resolved efficiently. Regularly the first to volunteer, Tim is a fantastic communicator who aims to learn from everything he does.

Congratulations again to all our recipients, you have all done a fantastic job and we look forward to seeing what 2017 brings!