Correct ran a Texas Hold’em Poker tournament this month as part of its social calendar.

A starting line-up of 10 players got down to the business of a few rounds of open hands so as to assist those new to Texas Hold’em Poker get acquainted with the game. All received an education on the basics of poker, how to play, how to bet, how to be sneaky and of course how to and also how not to win.

After a light dinner the clock was set, blinds raised and we were off.  A few easy rounds got everyone settled in and saw minimal changes in chips right up until the moment Wayne decided to go all in on a pair of sixes. His gamble paid off and he won that one but a few rounds later his greed got the better of him and he wound up the first casualty of the night.  Being a forgiving group, there was a general consensus to let Wayne back in so chips were handed over and Wayne was back in business.  Another few rounds went by and one of our new employees, Chris Yammouni went out as the first official casualty of the night!

The mighty continued to fall over the coming rounds (including Wayne again) and before long the group was faced with the first all in situation with another new employee, Matt Gummerson, boldly going head to head with his wife Tamika.  With an 8 as the last card both Tamika and Matt jumped up in excitement as both got the card they wanted, the unfortunate casualty being Matt’s chair which snapped completely at the legs as he sat back down.  After checking that Matt was ok and not concussed it wadiscovered that while Tamika had three 8’s,  Matt had gotten a straight and come back from certain defeat.  Matt was then informed that he would be sleeping on the couch that night.

Many would follow in the footsteps of defeat during the coming rounds and soon only 3 remained, Matt G, Ben Williams (another new employee) and Tamika. Tamika went out after going all in against her definitely sleeping on the couch, husband,  Matt and there was a playoff between Matt and Ben.  This ended in both players going all in and Matt taking the winnings with a pair!

Thank you again to all who played and congratulations again to the winners.

1st Place – Matthew Gummerson
2nd Place – Ben Williams
3rd Place – Tamika Gummerson