We Are Now A Microsoft Surface Reseller


We are proud to announce that Correct Solutions has been approved as a Microsoft Surface reseller. This means we can sell you what in many circles is considered the hottest piece of hardware available today.

If you really want to make a statement amongst the Macbook crowd then you should consider the Surface Book.

Although it is a traditional laptop, this machine has the ability to detach its’ screen from the keyboard so it can be used as a tablet device.

So you’ll get the best of both worlds.

The Surface Book was created to be as user friendly as possible with a number of exciting features:

  • Unique hinge arrangement (It really isn’t a traditional hinge, it is more like an expanding connector which needs to be seen to be believed)
  • Enhanced liquid cooling
  • Stronger and sharper screen

In short not only is it beautiful, it is thoroughly modern.

Check out the Microsoft Surface Book in action here:


Microsoft also recently delivered an updated Surface Pro 4 device that supports larger storage, more memory and better engineering. The Surface Pro 4 is a true desktop replacement device when it comes to power but in size it is not much bigger than an iPad. The Surface Pro 4 also has a new and improved keyboard that is ergonomically engineered to make typing less fatiguing while the screen makes it less tiring on the eyes. Although the Surface Pro 4 looks like previous versions it is very different as you’ll see in this video:


When you combine any of the new Microsoft Surface devices with Windows 10 you get things like Windows Hello which allows you to simply look at your machine to be logged in (via facial recognition). Then, with the new Microsoft Virtual Assistant in Windows 10, Cortana, you can do lots of things just using your voice. Just tell Cortana to book a meeting or set a reminder and she’ll do it for you. Windows 10 comes pre-installed on new Microsoft Surface devices.

Correct Solutions can now provide you all the benefits of buying Microsoft Surface devices along with our award winning support from our highly experience team which you won’t find anywhere else.

Contact us today to find the right Microsoft Surface for your business.