Correct Hosted Email

One of the most common IT services that can effectively be migrated to the cloud, is email. There are lots of options out there, but you may not be aware that Correct Solutions provides this service.

We have Microsoft Exchange email servers in our capital city data centers, on which several of our customers are already hosting their email. So what advantages does a Correct hosted email service provide? The first is that everything is provided and managed by the team at Correct. That allows us to utilise our extensive technical experience with Microsoft products to provide the most optimal solution. It also means that when you have issues, you are talking to the same people who build and manage the service – there is no middle man. That allows our techs to solve your problems faster.

Another benefit of using Correct’s services is that you know the data is stored on our servers in our Australian data centers, not hosted somewhere off shore. Having the data local means that it is faster for you to access. Correct will maintain and update the servers which saves you the trouble, with the added benefit that you don’t need to buy any server hardware or software.

Correct’s Hosted Exchange allows you to simply pay for what you need on a monthly basis and allows us to do all the hard IT stuff behind the scenes. You get the assurance that the people selling you the service manage and maintain the service, and that your information stays within our local data centers.

As a final note, Correct also provide licensing and service around Office 365, so how ever you would like to move your email to the cloud, give us a call at Correct on (02) 8831 3200 and have a chat to us about how we can help.

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