Our dependence on technology continues to increase with every day, however we all know that systems fail and sometimes spectacularly. When they do the question is what do you do? Smart businesses know they need to prepare for just such contingencies.

Contingency planning or Business Continuity Planning is the formal name that the process assumes but it simply means being prepared. This means developing policies and procedures well in advance of any issue arising and most importantly, testing these to ensure they work ahead of when they maybe required.

There are a lot of moving parts in a modern business from simple things such as de-activating the alarm to maintain internal IT systems. Also importantly, a business is more than just the inanimate objects like chairs and desks, it’s most important asset is generally it’s people. Any continuity planning needs to take this into consideration as well.

Continuity planning therefore needs to go much further than just you IT system, it is all about keeping your business running through all eventualities and at all stages including after you have restored an IT systems. This may include things such as:

– Cross skilling your employees so that critical information doesn’t reside with one individual

– Determining escalation protocols so that problems are not allowed to fester while waiting for a response.

The worst time to be testing procedures is when a disaster happens. That is why you want to be testing and fine tuning your processes well in advance of any eventuality. Continuity and disaster recovery need to be seen as an ongoing process rather than something that you simply do and forget. Doing so significantly increases your chances of not being able to recover when the time comes.

Correct Solutions has the advantage of working with many different and varied businesses and helping them develop both disaster recovery and business continuity plans. We can therefore take all that experience and help you develop a plan to ensure you business continues to operate successfully even during the most catastrophic event. Let us show you how.