Correct Solutions has been reviewing how best to give customers more relevant information in a timely manner.  With this in mind, we will be refreshing our newsletter process over the coming few months.

With an aim to allow users to choose what type of information they will receive we will be giving users a choice of the following:

  1. Newsletters – Traditionally this has been a monthly newsletter however this may change to a weekly blog article email where we can not only educate but can also present a lot more industry specific content as well.
  2. Events – As Correct has events or comes across events that we believe may be relevant to you we will send the occasional update out.
  3. Technical Updates – This is definitely going to be more technically focussed information again with an aim to be relevant to the people receiving this.
  4. Product Specials – From time to time Correct is offered special pricing for the products, services and software we sell and this will enable us to pass these on to you.
  5. 0 Day Alerts – Given we deal with a number of different clients we do see a lot of things before they hit the wider community. This feed will enable us to email you with information about the latest virus alerts and email scams as they are happening.

As this is a work in progress, there may be a few other categories added.  Watch for a survey we will be sending out to our current readership with the above options.  The current Newsletter subscriptions will remain but this will give all our customers the opportunity to subscribe to the additional feeds per above.

For more information don’t hesitate to get in touch get in touch via or your account manager.