When we implemented our Practice Management System (ConnectWise), we knew that there would be long term benefits for Correct Solutions; making what we do and how we go about doing it more efficient and expected this would have a flow-on affect for our valued  customers.

As promised, we are really starting to experience the positive effects of the ConnectWise system and are consequently able to pass these benefits on to you, our clients.  As of the start of October 2008, there will be changes to the way we invoice time on Service tickets.

Historically Correct Solutions has billed time to clients in half hour increments.  While this has worked for many years, we are now able to decrease this to 15 minute increments without adding the overhead of large amounts of administration time.A letter was sent out to each of our customers with their statements last month; however we wanted to make sure that these changes were communicated properly so that you are aware of the benefits they will have.

So, what do 15 minute increments  mean for you?

For our smaller clients, this will represent a saving when calling us about minor issues, allowing them to call more often for the same amount they are being charged now.

For our larger clients and those buying 100 hour blocks, this represents a significant saving as all times will be to the ¼ hour not to the ½ hour now. We value the feedback our clients give and we are more than happy to listen to any ideas clients have that can help us service you better.