Collaborate free online with SkyDrive

One of the big components of Microsoft software these days is automatic connection to the cloud. In Microsoft’s case this means to SkyDrive for both Windows and Office applications.

SkyDrive is free cloud based storage but also includes Office Web apps. What is Office Web Apps? It is basically functional version of applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint via a web browser. Currently these web versions are not as fully features as their desktop cousins but they contain all the most common functions which the vast majority of people use.

That makes SkyDrive a pretty good option for sharing information, photos, documents, etc. with a wide range of people. Sending email attachments is so 1980’s! simply upload to SkyDrive and then send your contact a link to the document and you can both work on it together and be assured that you are both using the one document.

You may not also be aware that SkyDrive also saves previous versions of your work so you can easily roll back if needed. With the direct integration into Office on the desktop it is very hard to know when you are working on files locally and when you are doing so from the cloud. In the long run, and with ubiquitous Internet connectivity, do you really need local storage when the cloud provides so many benefits? Probably not and looking into the future we may soon see the day when the we think of the cloud as readily as we do USB and hard disks.

Of course there are other web based storage services like Dropbox and GDrive however neither of these are as integrated into the day to day applications most people use and are familiar with. You’ll also be surprised to find SkyDrive apps on just about every platform including iOS and Android so there should be no reason why you can’t use SkyDrive everywhere!

Remember, SkyDrive is free and gives you 7GB of storage for free and includes Office Web Apps. Connect up and give it a go, what have you got lose?