The idea that you always need to attach a file in an email is fast becoming a thing of the past. This will especially be the case when it come to the soon to be released Office 2016.

Outlook 2016 will bring the ability to pull an attachment directly from your most recently accessed documents list (now how logical is that?) as you can see above.

You can also now directly browse your online locations and attach directly from the cloud.

When you attach a document from somewhere like Office 365 you see a ‘cloud’ icon displayed. This indicates that, unless you choose otherwise, this document will simply be ‘shared’ from Office to the recipient. Outlook 2016 will take care of all the permissions so the file can be easily viewed but the document will always reside inside Office 365.

Using ‘cloudy attachments’ like this has many benefits including retaining a single point of truth for the file as well allowing you to rescind access to the file in the future if required. Not only do ‘cloudy documents’ allow you to retain greater control but they reduce the space that is consumed in email systems.

You can of course attach and send documents the way you have always (i.e. ‘non-cloudy’ attachments) but if you are using Office 365 it is so easy to use ‘cloudy docs’ and reap all the benefits, why would you do it any other way?

This is but one change that is coming with the soon to be released Office 2016 for both PC and Mac. Office 365 subscribers will also generally be eligible for the release as soon as it becomes available.

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